Marcia Mello – Queen of Portobello



Marcia Mello’s Queen of Portobello enshrines rock music’s true royalty, which is of course the blues
and the colours that are sourced from six strings. Her guitar and voice rule the air of the song
streaked streets she rules over, with Youth accompanying on bass and harmonium and producing,
she speaks of realms past and future that are courted and caught as she sings.

Produced by Youth and arranged by Youth and Marcia Mello, the Goya fronted and delightfully
designed (by Katy Hearne) album was mastered by sound maestro Michael Rendall and engineered
by Luke Fitzpatrick, James Grashion, Tom Grashion, Stan Manning, Edward Bonda and David Nock
and is released by Suriya Recordings on March 25th 2022


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